Tuesday, October 20, 2009

States of Matter. State that matters--1

Do not be so fluid. So fluid that you fall into the next empty space. No shape. No place. Existence defined only by gradients of availability. Never able to climb; only fall. You will spread yourself wide. You will spread yourself thin. And before you know it, you will evaporate into nothingness.

Do not be so passively plastic. So plastic that you always fit in and forget your own shape. Always wanting the rigid confines to define the contours of your being. You will fit in. You will not remain you.

Do not be so reactively plastic. Yes, plastic again. So plastic that you change shape the moment you see a mould. Only to not fit in. Letting the confines define the contours of your being--this time staying out. Before you know it, you will become the next unshapely thing. You might become the next mould. Only fluids and plastics will occupy you. You will forget your shape.

Do not be so rigid. So rigid that you want the confines to yield, to replicate the contours of your being. You might wish, but you will not succeed. Before you know it, the edges and corners will scrape off chunks of your own being. You will lose them forever. You will not remain you. If you wait for that perfect mould--the one made for you, it will never be made. You will always remain outside. Outside is only for lodging. Outside, you will not live.

Be elastic. Mostly fitting in. Sometimes comfortably. Sometimes uncomfortably. Fitting in, yet feeling where it hurts. Knowing where the edges poke the contours of your being. Remembering what shape you were the last time. Springing back into your shape, each time you come out. Choose the best mould, but it will not fit perfectly. It will hurt. Be prepared for that. If a mould is too convoluted, too constricting, remember, it is best to lodge outside. For inside, painful poking will overwhelm your senses. You might remain you. Life will not remain life.

That elasticity is self-love. Love yourself, and life will become the simplest it could. You will remain you. Life will remain life.

1. This is simply a summary of a lesson on how to live that I have learned. What you have learned could be different. If so, consensus need not be reached.

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  1. why not be fluid, why should we be scared to evaporate, or think its better only if we can climb (what goes up, comes down anyway)..
    and who wins the waves or the rocks who turn into grains of sands..

    why not say, i will be what i am ,not what is better to be, not what is expected of me, not even what i want to be..

    isnt that "better" self love..isnt love about acceptance rather than expectations of what ought to be..

    granted elastic seems better, but surely its shouldnt matter if one is fluid..

  2. Hi Ketan,

    Am impressed! Both on the content and form. I think I got the meaning on the first reading, but had to run through it atleast half a dozen times, for understanding each and every parts of it.

    Just curious, by any chance, are you recommending moderate levels of rigidity, plasticity etc. (usage of "so" in the first four paras made me think this way)

    But the same was not there for "Self Love", is it to mean that no restriction on that. (as in unrestricted, and uninhibited love for self)

    If my understanding of your post is correct, I could relate more with the first four things (which in a way, I believe firmly), than the last part on unrestricted love for self. This is more because of my "now-here,now-there" kind of backing / support for that idea.

    Among the most concise yet precise of your posts on, till date.


  3. I am in awe after reading the last paragraph...

  4. An absolute marvel of a post !!

    But the discord comes when elasticity is endorsed. I'd rather advocate the selfless, happy-go-lucky state of fluidity; for self-love is constrictive and not elastic....

    Besides, fluidity knows no fall --> It "flows" down....

    And after all, evaporation isn't the end. It offers infinite possibilities to rejuvenate....

  5. Hello, everyone!
    Thanks a lot for your responses! I knew this was a very ambiguous post.

    So, I've done a series of posts specifically to try to explain the analogies contained in here. Many of the issues raised would have been addressed there (click); the rest I'll try to answer here, but tomorrow! :)


  6. I love it.
    I love the elasticity and the self-love portion.
    I love how you used the states of matter to describe human nature.
    I'll remember this one. :)

  7. Wow!!! This is such an absolute delight to read..it was just about the right amount of ambiguous. :)

    But y'know what I've learnt? One neednt always try to fit in. ;) That being said, elastic is def. the way to go! :D

  8. @Srishti:

    Thanks for reading and appreciating! BTW, yesterday night I'd written the explanations for each of the analogies, and now I've provided the link to them in the last paragraph of the post!

    Incidentally, I'd removed the near-total hiatus notice yesterday night itself, when this realization dawned on me that I'd never blogged more voraciously! Not to mean I'm any less busy now, though! I might actually do new posts at much slower rate.



    Thanks! But now there's no more any ambiguity! ;) Just see the last paragraph of the post! :P

    But on a serious note, even I do believe that one may not fit in despite being elastic. That's what I'd meant by the mould being to convoluted or constricted. :)



  9. This has a lot of semblance to my post on conformism, non-conformism and individualism. But this is much more poetic in nature. Almost a poem! Needless to say, I agree with it and enjoyed it thoroughly.

  10. Hello Shreyans!

    Welcome to the blog, and thanks!

    Yes, I remember your post, where I'd commented. And after writing this post, I was reminded of yours! But this one also contains a couple of more categories, viz., the flatterers/opportunists and rigid people.

    Take care.

  11. I did read it. But I didnt have anything to say really. ;)


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