Friday, December 18, 2009

Jokers are Mortal; Jokes, Eternal. But Jokers can reincarnate! ;)

LOL @ Rangnath Commission recommends 10% quota for Muslims (click)

ROFL @ "It added that in case of non-availability of Muslims to fill the 10% earmarked seats, these may be made available to other minorities but in "no case" shall any seat within the recommended 15% shall be given to anybody from the majority community."

An exclusive bout of laughter specially @ "majority community". Wow! How lovely and loving the whole thing sounds!! I'm simply mesmerized by the love flowing for me, in the hearts of those running this nation.

ROFLMAO @ "Unity in diversity"

I wish our secular and guardian-of-equality government did not come up with these kind of jokes that make me laugh so uncontrollably. You know, so much laughing can hurt sometimes.

Ouch! I forgot, these are 'practical' jokes, and not meant for laughing. But then, WTF! LOL!


  1. I wonder if I can convert to 'Islam' (like Dharam paji) and become eligible for said quota!

  2. I feel like wringing the neck of these motherfu***** bas***** !!

  3. Hey pseudo!! I have one advise/suggestion mate, in Himachal they pay smwhre aroound 25-50k for christianism, thts a gud deal,when I find it [money+chrristinity] will let you know, who cares about God anyways :P

    Second, maine bhi dekha jab TV pe mudda tha 'muslims ko arakshan' and blv me no one talked about the solution and how will quota help :D :D

    For Atheist : Mate Atlantis is the only solution for this, no cribbng,no complains whatsoever, just one thing," Alantis " is the solution but then thr shud be no parents/mother/sister/wife/girlfriend and if they are thr, they must come along :P

    Mujhe bhi aarakshan chahiye ;)

  4. And I'm sure, the concerned beneficiaries will take it with both hands.

    Reminds me of Padme ("So this is how liberty dies: With thunderous applause.")

  5. i was talking about the people in the rangnath commission, not any particular group !

  6. Its so frustrating. Thats all I can say.
    And Ketan, I sense your frustration in your supposedly humorous piece here.

    Thats what it is....sad but true

  7. @ pseudopseudointellectual:

    I'm not sure if you're making some figurative reference, but I had no idea, Dharmendra had converted to Islam. He might be the best person to take your query to. :)

    Thanks for commenting!

    @ Abhishek/TLOP:

    There's no point just "feeling like" wringing their necks! ;) Unless and until someone actually ends up doing what they feel like, there would be no difference. Not that wringing a few necks will definitely make a difference. And of course, not that I'm recommending that you do that! :P

    As such I feel like doing a lot of things, but not all of them find place in my blog or my comments. ;)

    "not any particular group"
    You did not mean our pseudo-secular politicians? Are they not a group? Are those in the Commission not a group?

    Thanks for dropping by.


    @ mgeek:

    Yes, you're right. As someone said, reservation is like a bus, which everyone wants to get onto, but complain if they miss it. :)

    I couldn't get your 'thunderous applause'-reference. :(

    @ Tarun:

    Ek toh, Atlantis is going to be so difficult (impossible) to get ready, by talking of allowing "parents/mother/sister/wife/girlfriend", you're already talking nepotism! Like a true politician! :P


    @ Insignia:

    Yes, it's sad. I'm usually apathetic, but this news was too much to bear silently!!!!


  8. @ketan : It was an impulse, a fleeting thought. Don't you get them too?

    If you think about it you could actually associate the current education system, which suppresses free thinking, creativity, yada yada, with the paucity of people who're disgusted by the system, IN THE SYSTEM. Most of us just blindly follow the herd when it comes to any major decision in life, you name it !

    Has it ever struck you that the lack of reform in the system could infact be a conspiracy hatched by the babus?

    P.S. Your 'Thanks for dropping by' seemed sarcastic to me - clarify

  9. Haha.
    I read the full thing this time, swear.

    Who's heading the Rangnath Commission?

  10. @ TLOP:

    "Don't you get them too?"

    I think I'd already answered that adequately enough by saying: "As such I feel like doing a lot of things, but not all of them find place in my blog or my comments. ;)"

    I was just kind of disapproving of expression of extreme intentions, especially, if they would not be put to action.

    I totally agree with you on problems afflicting our education system. But the reason of the maintenance of status quo is inherent inertia of Indians to change and innovate, and not so much an elaborate conspiracy by the politicians and bureaucrats. They don't have time for hatching such elaborate plans. ;) But I could be wrong.

    "Your 'Thanks for dropping by' seemed sarcastic to me - clarify"

    Why did you think that only 'thanks for dropping by' was sarcastic and NOT 'TC' at the end? Just kidding! ;) BTW, I'd no idea I was under obligation to clarify. I thank many respondents. I don't use the same expression all the time. Did you also feel I was being sarcastic when I thanked pseudopseudointellectual above for commenting?


    @ Srishti:

    I'm worried for you!!!!!! What are you suffering from? The ToI article clearly mentions that Ranganath Commission was headed by retired Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India - Sri Ranganath Mishra. :P

    And were you seriously laughing? :(

    Thanks! TC.

  11. Ohh.
    I'm sorry.
    I think its the pre-Christmas hysteria.

    No, no, I'm laughing at your comment,
    How lovely and loving the whole thing sounds!! I'm simply mesmerized by the love flowing for me, in the hearts of those running this nation."

    Nice use of sarcasm.

  12. @ Srishti:

    It's absolutely alright, except that it's mildly worrying that at the age of 16, you're showing signs of being mentally 61! So, next year, it would be 71 and so on... :P Your most 'optimal' year in near future would be when you would turn 22!

    On a serious note, I've observed you've been missing small-small details all too often. Either you've been in a lot of hurry, or are under a lot of stress. If it's the latter, then there is some cause for concern.

    Merry Christmas! ;)

  13. Reservations! Again! Not yet over? Reservation is only for minority, right? On a larger scale, everybody is a minority. I have googled and found only two saimukund(h)ans. I am certainly a minority. I need reservations. (Note: When this claim gets covered by the media, replace all "I" with "WE").

    These reservations will continue till all of us become minority (which we are already, as demonstrated above)

    Long back posted a blog in rediffblogs on the reservation hulla bulla.


  14. Saimukundhan,

    Thanks for commenting! You're spot on. Any arbitrarily decided attribute can make one a 'minority'.

    I would like the links to all your rediff blogs. :)



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