Thursday, December 3, 2009

Life - Just this and that

A dash of mad passion

And its occasional suppression

A blind leap into the air; drop to the abyss

And a wait for the doom; return to the surface

A speck of apprehension

And its usual suspension

A seasoned flight of fancy, in search of ecstasy

And the crashing culmination in reasoned apostasy

An entanglement of questions

And a chain of comprehension

A mutilation through stabs; tearing away by tensions

And a sudden release into nothingness, without anticipation

That's all that life is

Or maybe a bit more

I'm not yet sure

And so I explore...


[One of the very spontaneous (and unambiguous) poems that I have written. Written in less than 20 min. So there would be 'logical' flaws, indeed. :)

Another impulsive poem by me, which I would like to share is One Moment of Clarity (click)

Title of this poem was inspired by the name of a fellow blogger's blog (click), whose poetry I greatly admire.]


  1. Its too good to be spontaneous. Extremes in two lines....awesome

  2. nice:) my fav line was -
    An entanglement of questions And a chain of comprehension

  3. @ Insignia:

    Thanks a lot! 'Awesome' is a small word, but big praise. I don't know how to interpret your comment from perspective of 'I love your comments :P'-post! ;)

    Anyway, somewhere around 20 min is not all that spontaneous, after all. But much more spontaneous than my poem-'Duel', which took me around 3 hours to draft and type!


    @ WDM:

    Thanks! I guess, this is the first of my poetry that you've commented upon. Did you by any chance notice the neater looking menu under the menu? And a few other changes I made to the template? Anyway, you would find my other poems by clicking on 'poetry' in that menu. But am sure, as you'll notice, my style of poetry is very different from yours. :)

  4. Unless I have silence, i can't appreciate Poetry (and when u have a kid screaming for ur attention, silence is rare)
    and i dont like to comment if i have not understood (Even a part of it) and it doesnt help if i have to google the meanings of words i dont know.)

    i have read couple of your poems but perhaps not commented on them..

  5. Ketan,

    If my comment has just this word "Awesome" then you could have interpreted that way I did in my "I Love Comments" post.
    But its not true here. Awesome was just one adjective along with "spontaneous" and "extremes"

  6. as someone who is learning to write decent poetry(and not succeeding) ,i must say this is good stuff !!

  7. Oye!


    My favorite was
    "A seasoned flight of fancy, in search of ecstasy

    And the crashing culmination in reasoned apostasy."

    Beautiful. :)

    And I actually could understand each sentence!

  8. @ WDM:

    You'd to google meanings of words from my previous poetry? Whaaaaaaaat!!!!!!! Like, which one? ;)

    Anyway, hope you find time and are able to read my poetry patiently. :)

    @ Insignia:

    I was just pulling your leg! By giving an explanation you're making me feel guilty about doing that. You, see I'd also winked after leveling that grave accusation against your sincerity! :P Or is making me feel guilty itself is the trick to prevent me from pulling your leg? ;)

    @ Bedazzled:

    You mean, you call my poem good only 'cuz you're not 'succeeding'? :P Kidding!

    I'd read your recent poem; it was good.

    I think the difference might be, I don't 'decide' to write poem - usually it is on impulse, though my rhyming ability has been rather good, so maybe that helps.

    You'll find a few more poems by clicking on the 'poetry' tab under the header.

    One of the things that has inspired me in the past to write poetry is other people's good poetry.

    For instance, the blogger who I have linked in the last paragraph writes exceptionally good poetry and that too with some regularity.

    Thanks for the encouragement!


    @ Srishti:

    Glad, you liked the poem, moreover after understanding it fully!

    Even my favorite lines are the same. :)




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