Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One Moment of Clarity

Voices are muzzled

Noise gets drizzled.

Sight is scattered

Darkness gets gathered.

Sensations are profuse,

But senses left confused;

And, hallucinations encroach upon

Realms of reality.

Then it befalls-

One moment of clarity.

A new reality unfolds

And guessing put on hold

Stacked layer-upon-layer

Is answer upon every problem;

One-by-one all

You can solve them.

And fall into place

All things of gravity.

You owe it all

(to) One moment of clarity.

Nothing is of permanence,

And even that of sense

Does not make sense.

Whispers turn into hiss,

Up to your eyes rise

Smokes of darkness.

And before sense, in response

Falls a veil of vanity.

All you want is to recall

(that) One moment of clarity.

Know I do not

It takes what.

To hear every voice

Where there is noise.

To see what is hidden

Beyond one’s tunnel of vision.

And to ever make sense

Of every sensation.

But, one thing I know,

And state it with brevity-

This is, may be short, but not small-

One moment of clarity.

(This poem is about those moments when we're very deeply involved in solving some problem--be it trying to understand something about the world around us, or why someone behaved the way they did, or we stand in life vis-a-vis where we always wanted to stand, and suddenly everything makes such perfect sense! We can see everything so clearly, in a perspective in which we'd never seen things before. And we draw our conclusions. We feel elevated to some new intellectual level. But then, this poem is also about how those moments are shortlived, and far in between. The clarity goes away, so does the moment, but we retain our conclusions, and the memory of such moments as if they [the moments] would always stay with us.)


  1. Adding the text after the poem was a nice touch. I would like to see it more often. :-) Good work.

  2. By the way, I hope u have solved the problem u were facing in following comments. (remember the Money and Beauty post? - where u commented regarding the issue - I have explained it there - on how to follow it)


  3. By the way, I hope u have solved the problem u were facing in following comments. (remember the Money and Beauty post? - where u commented regarding the issue - I have explained it there - on how to follow it)


  4. And indeed, what is life if not a continuum of moments? - some memorable, some less so. And some are so pleasant - they make life worth living...

  5. And there are some moments when I scratch my head wondering how I end up posting duplicate comments :-P

  6. Thanks, mgeek!

    And you're very right, how life is a continuum of quantum-like individual particles assembling themselves back-to-back, so whenever we look back at life, we reacall not a motion picture, but a slide show of snapshots. ;) Well, that was just a minor twist to your 'classical' view of life to make it align with the current quantum they of things. From your blog, I'd gathered, you too are fascinated by quantum physics. Is that right?

    And never mind the duplication, it happens with me, too. Do you post your comments using cell phone? That might explain.

    And BTW, if it's poems that you want more of from me, then I'd tell you that this is actually a poem written more than 3 years back, and I'd posted it on this, blog and since it'd not got a single comment, decided to bring it to the fore.

    This poem was specifically about the 'Eureka!'-moments. And it's the high that such moments bring that keeps me driven to learn more. Don't know how many others have experienced such moments in their unadulterated purity, but you surely seem to have. :)

    You might enjoy my post 'Insanity personified'.


  7. Well written prosetry... I think i had that one moment of clarity, about three days ago on the question that i d asked in my last post.. but then again as you rightly put it .. i v had answers to that question before, i v got the answers time and again but they just do not seem to stick.. i v always thought that this phenomenon is either due to fact that we are not thoroughly convinced or that we do not want to be convinced as regards certain issues...
    I really think this thought would have been better conveyed if it were written as a poem, but then again that is only my perspective..

  8. Me...,


    Yes, you're right as to how sometimes we don't want to be convinced despite evidence.

    Our mind always struggles because of inability to reject certain facts as truths and on the other hand, not being able to accept them as truths because we would 'want' something else to be truth.

    One or the other wins--either we accept or reject the truth depending on how much pain the truth causes and how much can we delude/deceive ourselves.

    But there's a certain advantage with accepting the truth--one has to come to terms with it only ONCE, whereas a self-deception has to be maintained with a sustained effort.

    With regard to poetry v/s prose, I feel the former provides a nice feel (literary effect) and maybe a better emotional outlet, but the latter gives one the freedom to be not bothered about poetic construct, rhyming, and greater assurance of being able to convey the idea accurately (if it's one of the intentions). Unfortunately, I've not found inspiration to do poetry in a long time.


  9. 1.Yes I am very fascinated by quantum physics.

    2. Loved ur conversion of my theory.

    3.Yes, I satisfy my blogging appetite via my cellphone (RSS Feeds, Opera Mini)

    4. Nice idea - to bring ur old poem to front page...

    5. I always believe prose gives more freedom than poetry - and that's the reason I have never ventured into poetry. Sometimes what the author wants to say is more important than how he wants to say it. For me, it's always so. :-)

  10. Mgeek,

    Thanks for the inspiration, I've figured out the feed aggregator thing. So now complete freedom from getting updates through mail. :)

    I've also posted a comment on your post dealing with quantum mechanics. And though this might get repetitive, I'd very much love to have your take of my earliest post--'free will'. The post has some theoretical loopholes like applying Heisenberg's uncertainty principle to something as large as neurotransmitter vesicles, but still on the whole, you might not find it a great flaw.


  11. And BTW mgeek, do you use a sony ericsson phone and/or AirTel as your carrier? Just curious 'cuz your visit on this blog also shows up as 'Oslo', just like mine.

  12. I use a Nokia Symbian smartphone (operating system 9.1, platform Series 60 version 3), with Opera Mini. My carrier is MTNL. :-)

    Will check out Free Will soon. Thanks for the heads up. Good night :-)

  13. I use poetry when i like to drive home a theme real hard.. i believe poetry makes a better impact on the heart whereas prose on the brain.. I also believe poetry will not curtail your freedom... just that you have to be that good at your language.

  14. @Mgeek,

    Thanks! That's strange then. Maybe, all the IP addresses routed through gprs from India (could be through some VSNL-owned satellite) belong to Oslo! Just a guess.

    @me...: If I've to convey something strongly emotional, I might use poetry. But with poetry, however good the poet be or the reader, there's always a margin to interpret something different from what the poet would've meant. But yes then, poetry is (for me) more about expressing rather than being understood. And most of what I post on my blog are issues that I'd have already resolved with myself.

    As an experiment, I've two other poems on this very blog, if you've time do go through them, and see if you get each and every analogy for exactly what I'd meant. Mostly (in my experience), what happens on blogs is reader would come and simply praise the poetry, also the poet won't be bothered if the praise is genuine or not, and the meaning and emotion (if any) behind the poem would be totally forsaken. 'cuz somehow people find it very embarrassing to ask, "but excuse me, what did you mean by so and so line?" And instead people just go on pretending as if they understood everything. That's why maybe, I've developed some degree of distaste for it, especially when it comes to putting it for public display. But yes, I love to read good poetry. I'm very bad at creating imagery. And when I read poetry with good imagery, I enjoy it a lot, and also get impressed very much.

    And to be totally honest, maybe, I've been feeling poetically challenged in last two-three years. Not in terms of rhyming, which I consider myself to be quite effortless at, but feeling something so strongly that I'd like to put it on paper in all its rawness.

    I'd love to see some poetry from you. :)


  15. I really enjoyed reading this post.Keep up the good work.


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