Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I'm prejudiced enough to believe my esteemed readership(??) would pay no heed to doomsday forecasts unless and until they come from someone as reliable as me! But I found a nice little witty article on the matter, which will take around (okay, don't gasp this time :) ) 10 min to read.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Its a really well-written article!

    Once, when I was in sixth, a rumor began in the school that on 10th of November, an earthquake would occur whose epicentre would be Delhi and whose magintude on Richter Scale would be around 9.7!
    We called 10th November Doomsday from then on!

    Obviously, nothing of that sort happened. No earthquake, no doom :D

  2. Ok so now, thanks to you, 8 and a half more people (your esteemed readership) would've read that article!

    he he... Ok Was that mean? I think I should be, after all that camaradrie on the gay post to dispel notions any of your readers might have :)

  3. @Srishiti: No earthquake; no doom? How boring! :P

    Just joking. Yet another reason to learn, we shouldn't believe anything without rational basis. :)

    Thanks for sharing your interesting experience!


    You've certainly piqued my curiosity. So, how did you reach that supernatural figure of 8.5? I don't know otherwise, but see how devastating it sounds on Richter scale. ;)


  4. Nice article! I really enjoyed it..

    These bloody doomsday prophets..u shud watch Aaj Tak..

    they were showcasing the prophecies of some ancient Indian baba according to whose calculations there will be a huge flood in july of 2012 and we'll all die! :D

  5. ooh till then, but cheers to the "The End is Nigh" guys! they keep us entertained when anticipating the end of mankind..

  6. TUIB,

    Yes, you're right. None of those prophecies come true, every morning I've get up, brush my teeth, think of new intellectually stimulating posts, and also reply to dumb comments on my posts. :( What to do, when will those prophecies come true?

    Anyway, till then thanks for commenting! :(

  7. Ketan, First of all, Thank you!

    Really sweet of you to have gone through quite a few of my posts and actually leave a comment about them!
    I am sufficiently guilty about not doing the same. I will of course change that.

    Meanwhile, I have been reading your comments and am appaled to see the creadit you give me about the depth involved in my writing. I just write, Ketan, I am ashamed to say. My head is full of ideas (as are all other heads) and I find blogging a medium to put them through - half the time, I am answering my own undefined questions.

    So, you see, I am quite shallow that way! :)
    Meanwhile, just so you know, I do not like Ayn Rand's writing (yes, yes, you may smirk, or roll your eyes in disgust :P)

    However, thies poem, 'An Empty Bowl can Mock the Most', much to my chagrin, has nothing to do with what you interpreted, but it was an attempt to showcase a beggar's life, from my perspective [I believe I have been now tagged with the beggar alert, as I'm sure there will be some who will want to give me a piece of their mind! - an oh! I know quite a few well-educated beggars - no pun intended).

    Anyway, what I'm merely trying to say is that I do not define my thoughts and/or writing or poems or stories. They just come. I see, I observe, sometimes, I don't observe, and then I write, based on my perceptions alone.

    Hence, I shall surely dissapoint you in the future, when you leave instrospective comments on writing that half the time don't even deserve the introspection! And at the same time, I shall be grateful to you, as I will learn of a new perspective.

    I really hope that I have somehow been able to communicate what I mean - however, my deepest thanks, for your comments and time. :)

    It is flattering and humbling.

    Oh btw, I did not understand my last poem myself! :P

  8. Hi tumultuous suspension! And welcome to my blog!

    I won't reply to your comment here in kind as that'd get too off mark for this post! :P

    But yet, a couple of issues:

    If trying to answer one's own (undefined) questions is shallowness, then what is depth? And so, in the same vein, even my comments on your blog have been very shallow. ;) So never mind!

    Second, yet again, I appreciate your honesty (+humility) in terming your thoughts shallow, or is that merely an attempt to ward off uninvited readers? See, if not other things, I could make out one thing--you're VERY good at distracting the readers. ;)

    And I see, you probably voted on my 'moral brainteaser'. Thanks!


  9. Ms Taggart!

    Thanks and welcome to the blog!

    But don't you know good girls don't comment on others' blogs at 3:21 am? ;) They could be sleeping, no?


  10. @ Ketan: I really do not want to hijack the nature of posts here! keeping it very brief, thank you. Well, no, I had no intention of conveying that YOUR thoughts are shallow! :)
    And well...about the distraction bit, dayum, I have no intention doing just happens! :)
    Anyway, lets continue writing & interpreting, shall we? we seem to be goo at it! :P


  11. Very witty little article indeed.

    I get that doomsday feeling every time I drive to work for the nightshift on a friday evening...and I'm never disappointed. The amount of carnage I see certainly lends itself toward a general trend toward the end of the world...

  12. @Tumultuous suspension: I agree, but you've hardly interpreted anything I've written on my blog. :(

    And now I agree, you don't don't do it deliberately, but you're just goo at distracting. :P TC.

    Dr. S: But now you know your feeling is nothing but a case of delusional mood, don't you? Like how many times has your feeling of the World coming to and end actually been realized? As in you not requiring to go to your night shift the next Friday? ;) TC.


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