Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blog updates

As few readers might notice, I have completely changed the template of this blog. I guess, I was quite obsessed with two sidebar-layout. It was making the blog look too cluttered, and a few readers had also complained of the sidebars' content being distractive.

So finally, I have overcome that obsession. This theme & layout are simpler & hopefully more pleasing to the eye. Your frank feedback is certainly welcome. :)

But most important announcement - I have updated my blog roll. I had to work very hard towards it. I have not merely enlisted the blogs, but also tried to point out what I like about certain blogs and bloggers. Also, I have tagged each blog with broad genres that the posts tend to fit in. Additionally, for almost all blogs I have added two posts that I had remembered as having impressed me the most while drafting the blog roll.

Apart from serving as a guide to readers who want to explore new blogs, through this blog roll I want to convey my heart felt thanks to the enlisted bloggers for enriching my life, giving me new things to think about or feel.

I have tried in the past, but I do not know if I could convey this clearly enough. The people I have mentioned make me think of this World as a better place to live in, and thus, this life more worthy of living.

Those who can believe my sincerity behind saying all this, and can understand what it means for a cynic like me, will appreciate that it is one of the highest compliments I can pay. :)

You can go through the blog roll by clicking on 'Blog roll' button below the header, or alternatively by clicking here. :)

If you feel like commenting on the blog roll, kindly do so on the blog roll page itself.

Thank you!


  1. First off, Ketan, I'd like to congratulate you on your lovely new blog design! Its very clean and rather attractive and as anything you do is wont to be, very organised!

    Secondly, thanks for mentioning me in your blogroll along with all those kind words..Its fun to have a blogosphere bio written by you :)

    Thirdly, I am so sorry about your missing comments, I didnt realise you missed them quite that much! And fear not, they are not lost forever, after my prelims, I'll gather them all off my old deleted blog (but which I have saved in xml format) and email them to you before October starts.

    Cheers! :)

  2. Ketan,

    An off-topic comment. thanks for your comment on my post about the voltaire saying but after thinking about IHM, and since it was true that IHM's was one of the places I saw this quote at, it felt really, really awkward to have that post up- even though I didnt know about the tragedy and no part of the post was intended at any person other than myself.

    I saved the post to drafts without realizing that the comments wouldnt get saved! sorry but your comments got deleted. thanks for the thoughtful comments, I especially liked your advice about how you would rephrase it as:
    "it would take a lot to...."


  3. And remarkable coincidence again, since you've mentioned it in your nifty description, I just wrote a short story for my "current blog" today! :)

    There's too much serendipity that happens around you, Ketan! ;)

  4. Aaaahhh good. You changed your template. This is nice. Each time I visited your space, that big yellow fish always intimidated me. Now its gone!! :-P

    Blogging is a wonderful and enriching experience; you might agree. You learn something each moment; the blog helps us further :-) Thank you for mentioning me. I left a comment in your blog roll; but thanking once again is no harm. I am really humbled.

  5. I liked the earlier template very much:(
    But yes, that sidebar layout was really very distractive..the problem is solved now :)Less chaotic :)

  6. I like the blue, miss the fish and little disoriented. maybe you could use pages..

  7. Ooohhh, this template is much more catchy. I think I've seen this design somewhere before, I just can't place where. :\


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